Website Setup to Show Off With

Basic Rundown...
  1. Configure your website to allow KML files to be served.
  2. Get the files you made onto your web server at the location you specified when using the Layer Editor.
  3. Use the Google Earth Plugin Setup to get the javascript and code needed for the website.
  4. Enjoy

Configure Your Website

The kml/kmz files are not served by default by most if not all web servers. So you can have the files there but they won't work by default.
The KML Tutorial has the mime types needed for your server and instructions on how to do it on apache.

Get Your Files Online

Yeah. That's about as simple as it sounds.

Use the Google Earth Plugin Setup

Google Earth embeder
You can get there from here

I change it to 800x600 cause I like it big, but the only important settings are:
  • 3D - Show buildings
  • 3D - Show 3D terrain
  • 3D - Show roads
  • 3D - Show borders and labels
That should all be OFF since they don't really fit your map and
  • KML or My Maps URL
That should point at the Base.kml file you uploaded.

Now at the bottom of that Plugin page it has a button "Get The Code". Just put the script tag into your website and away you go. Like at Now, the script doesn't have to be on a page in the same directory, as you can see.

And as a goof, I got to learn that the cloud overlays DO NOT translate well to this. Wow that sucks :(

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