Will write up more once the front end is in place:


Mark if it is for local use or web site use.
Give it a Base Location (On your Hard drive or web site)
Give it a working location to copy the finished files to.

For each Layer:

Give it the location of the fractal terrain images you wish to use for that layer.
Give it where it will go in the package.
Give it the destination location of the images relative to the Base Location.
Tell it how many children it will have on the X axis and the Y axis per original image.

Hit Copy.

What it Does:

Place the base KML in the root directory.
Place each of the Layers in their directory by copying in their Images and KML files.
There will be a lot of KML files as it creates Network Links to ease initial loading and save bandwidth. It will only load the images that are visible. And with the default that Google Earth likes of 256x256 jpg/png it runs really well.

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