How to Use Fractal Terrains to Google Earth

When you run the app you will be here:
FT2GE Exhibit 1

Now to get started, click the edit button under Layer 0 to get the Layer Editor Window for that Layer:
FT2GE Exhibit 2

Now set the number of submaps to what you told Fractals Terrains to Export. If it was 3 wide, then put 3 for East To West, High goes in North To South.
The settings that you picked for the first layer are put in as submaps for layer 0. 2 for layer 1, etc.
Also select where the Fractal Terrain Images/HTML files are stored by hitting the browse button.
FT2GE Exhibit 3

Next put in the location on the website that you want to put this when you are done.
FT2GE Exhibit 4

Do this for each layer you had it create and, if you used the same settings I did in part 1, you will have:
FT2GE Exhibit 5

Now, Here comes the fun part. Error Handling has been... kinda ignored for this release, as I have a campaign I am using this for and wanted to get it done. Over time it will be better. So double check that these are the same settings you had used for Fractal Terrains.

Hit save and pray.
FT2GE Exhibit 6

Oh no wait there is one more step with this application:
FT2GE Exhibit 7
Pick a place where the files should end up. There will be a lot of files, so notice how the directory on the server ( matches the directory I am selecting. It will make it easier to move later. You really don't want to select thousands of files, windows doesn't like it.

Once you hit "OK" it will start copying the images to that folder you selected and creating the KML files needed for the overlay. Base.kml is the starting KML file but don't open it on your desktop, Google Earth won't like the file in this mode.

When you can close the App, without forcing it to close, it is done.

Layers start at 0, to match up with Fractal Terrains in a fashion. Fractal Terrains starts with 1 Layer and if you only say 1 Layer then there are actually 2.
It doesn't have a desktop mode, because I thought it would work in desktop mode but didn't have a file package to try, and when I did, it failed, in an odd way.

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