This area of the Ki project houses the classes that will build a tree of KML files.


Has the Base XML Namespace that is used by the other objects.


An actual .kml file object. Give it a name and a location to be saved.


Just a container XML element.


This is the XML Branch that references the Image from Fractal Terrains. It needs to have the layer, the X and Y indexes and also the number of sections to make the filename, and also it can take a Location so that the image doesn't have to be in this directory.


Represents a NetworkLink branch of the KML XML tree. A NetworkLink is a dynamically loaded file that appears when it's region is being viewed closely enough. This lets images and KML files be loaded as needed instead of all at once.


Represents a Region XML object for a KML file. Giving it the number of sections and it's location for both the X and Y axis will have it place its edges properly, and letting it know if it has to deal with a max or min LOD will add the correct elements to the XML object.


This class has a bundle of general methods that can just be given some general input and get out of it a value derived from that input.
The main batch of them will give you the north, south, east, or west edge of a region. They take as input the index along the axis they find important (X for West and East, Y for North and South) and also the total number of sections in that layer.

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