Use your favorite tutorials to create a cool looking Fractal Terrains map.

Like So:
Fractal Terrains - Exhibit 1

Use Equirectangular Projection. Don't ask why for now, I'll explain later.
Now what we want to do is export this map to multiple files. So open up File >> Export World >> Multiple Files... to get to the Magic Dialog

Fractal Terrains - Exhibit 2

To open:
Fractal Terrains - Exhibit 3

Now on this page we have a few things to do here.
  1. Turn Generate JPG Files on
  2. Turn Generate HTML Files on
  3. Pick the Number of Layers - I am only using 2 here to let us get through this.
  4. Now we pick the files wide and high. I set it to 3 for each of the 2 Layers.
  5. Set the Resolution to a Power of 2. I have been using 256, but you could go to 512 if you like.
  6. Select where the files will all be saved.
  7. Click OK and (as long as you didn't have too many images being generated) it will take a small amount of time to generate all the files.

We are done with this application for a basic setup.

Use FT2GE to setup the files for Google Earth

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