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Project Description
Fractal Terrains To Google Earth (FT2GE) lets you take a map you have made in Fractal Terrains and overlay it over the earth in Google Earth.

Fractal Terrains Is a random world generator using fractals that is capable of creating very good looking and interesting game world maps. I have used it to create a Dungeons and Dragons campaign world, and thought of putting it on the Earth as overlays in Google Earth.

While basically doing this is simple, doing it the easy way required that the person download the whole set of images to view the map. Not very Reponsive. I dug a bit and noticed Network Links that let you only load what you can see at the moment (basically the default way Google Earth works) at various levels of detail.

However, setting up the files to do this by hand was a little bit impossible once you get above a certain number of images. But that is why we have computers. Fractal Terrains outputs its images in a very easy to predict pattern, so we can make a program to shift and organize those images into the Regions and Overlays we need for Google Earth.

An initial proof of concept of this program is at which I did with a version of this program which took no user input. This is a refactoring of that program designed to take input from the user as to how many images and where they are located.

The first release is when it successfully creates the Superoverlay for the set of images I created from Fractal Terrains. This imageset consisting of one from my campaign world with clouds and such showing, and another without clouds once you are zoomed in a bit closer. Mind you since The unit tests are somewhat driving the design of the backend code, this isn't the only way it will work, just what I consider "A Good First Step".

The First release will not support desktop packages. And more options will be available as time goes on, since I need them to add infomation to the campaign map.

The Get Started Guide should be enough for you to get your own little fractal map online all pretty.

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